Playing football after the class with my classmates is my favorite hobby.
If I have time, I like riding the friendly pony.
Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles.

The dynamic classroom of The Stony Brook School

The Stony Brook School is a school for international enrollment. The school culture respects diversity, so the excellent students and experienced teachers are from different countries.

The Beautiful School

The teachers generally do not simply introduce book knowledge following the text, but encourage students to bring questions to the classroom by preview new content and think themselves. Therefore, the discussion between students and teachers is very active in the classroom of The Stony Brook School. In China, teachers generally only care about the whole situation of students, and seldom pay attention to individual, because there are almost 45 students in a class. But there are just no more than 15 students in a class at American schools. Teachers know each student very well. They can give special guidance and observe the difficulties everyone encounters in learning. American teachers often praise students. They can find the unique advantage of each student and are good at motivating students. For example, James is good at arts and social course, but bad on mathematics. At first, James can’t follow up and he was shy and quiet in the class. The experienced teacher encouraged James to answer the question. Even if James said a little, the teacher was very excited to give him responds and advice. After one month, James adapt the course gradually. When teachers ask questions, he always gives creative answers. James's math GPA is A this semester.

The Experienced Teachers The Headmaster is Giving Representation

In SBS, teachers are concerned not only about students' academic achievements, but also their body and spirit. Every student has life and learning counselors at school. When students encounter problems, the counselors and teachers will communicate with them and help them. There is a system that the advisor will have dinner with the students every Monday. From it, the teacher will understand the students' latest life status well. In addition, the advisor will also give some suggestions to us, For example, they will help us to know the semester schedule clearly and arrange the time ordinarily, give us the advice about how to select the course, remind us what we should pay attention to in the near future and how to prepared for the college.

Tina is a typical example, who is a 12th grade student from China. Because of facing apply for university, he has heavy pressure to write personal statement and to improve GPA. She is very anxious and often cry. When her mentor observed her situation, he helped her to revise statement and gave her many good ideas. What’s more, he took Tina and her friends to have a travel, she enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery and relax. Her essay was perfect and she applied to her ideal university at last.

The Happy Life

In short, the teachers of The Stony Brook School are very dedicated, dynamic and talent. Students are very comfortable in the community. Education is not only limited in the classroom, but extend to extracurricular.


我的学校The Stony Brook School 是一所面向国际招生的学校,大多学生都是来自不同国家的优秀学生。老师也是来自于不同的文化背景,而且非常的敬业。学校的文化充满多元化,老师的教学形式也非常的新颖和富有启发性。

在课堂上老师一般不是照本宣科的介绍书本知识,而是通过提出问题,让同学们来思考,并鼓励同学们预习新的内容,带着问题来到课堂。因此, 在石溪中学的课堂上,学生和老师的讨论非常的活跃。在中国老师一般只关心学生总体上的情况,很少能够关注到每一个个体,因为我们一个班大约要45人。但是在美国的学校一个班几乎都不超过15人,老师对每一个学生的情况都了如指掌,可以进行有针对性的指导,可以及时发现每个人学习中遇到的困难。美国老师也比中国老师更爱夸奖学生,他们能够发现每个学生身上独特的闪光点,也特别善于激励学生。James 就是一个特别典型的例子,由于James 擅长文科学习的内容,所以在数学上,相对比较反应慢一些。刚开始,James 由于害羞,不敢提问题,总是比较安静。后来老师发现了这个问题,每次提问时,特别点名让James回答问题,一开始,James也是结结巴巴的,不敢开口,老师总是微笑着,走到James 面前,哪怕James 说出一点点,老师都很兴奋滴鼓励他。这样时间长了James 也很快融入到课堂上去了。上课老师提问时,总是能给出非常有创意的答案来。现在James 的数学成绩提升很快。

老师除了关心学生的学习成绩外,也非常关心学生的身心健康,学校为我们每个学生都安排有生活、学习顾问,当学生碰到问题时,可以随时找顾问老师沟通商量解决办法。即使学生不向顾问老师提出问题,顾问老师也会定期的组织圆桌餐会,在预定的时间段,顾问老师邀请负责的学生和老师一起共进晚餐。 席间,老师会仔细的了解学生近期的生活情况。是否碰到困难,还和学生一起商量解决问题的办法。顾问老师,也会提出一些建议,比如,近期要注意什么方面的问题,学习上要特别关注什么,或者要准备什么方面的考试,等等。

有一个来自中国的12年级的学生Tina,她因为面临申请大学,要写个人陈述,她花了很多时间和精力,但总是写不好,同时还有刷GPA的压力,于是她的非常焦虑,经常一个人偷偷哭泣。老师观察到这个情况,就主动约她,帮助她修改陈述,并给她很多很好的建议。为了缓解心情压力,老师还在在周末约Tina 和其他同学一起开车出去郊游,一边欣赏长岛美丽的自然风景,一边随意的聊天。通过大半天与大自然的亲密互动,以及主管老师贴心的交流,Tina 的身心得到了极好的放松。重新回到的快乐的校园生活中。