Playing football after the class with my classmates is my favorite hobby.
If I have time, I like riding the friendly pony.
Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles.

My Paintings

I like painting very much. There is a tortuous story about the reason for this hobby. When I was in the primary school, the art teacher asked us to draw a portrait of a person you like. My mother is the person I love most in the world. My mother is a PHD who works in Beijing Education Examinations Authority. She used to be a teacher, and all the students liked her very much. She takes care of the whole family every day, cooks for us, and undertakes most of the housework.


But things are far from what I thought. I carefully drew several pictures, which were horrible. My mother is very beautiful, tall and slim. What’s more, she looks younger than the same age women. But she turned into an old and ugly old lady in my pictures. So I tried to paint her more like her. After drawing more than 50, it looks like her. Then, I wanted to express her wisdom, intellect, her perseverance and courage. In order to paint well, I observe her eyes every day and wanted to understand her feelings and her world. I was addicted to it. In order to give a gift to my love person and imagined how happy she was when she saw the portrait, I insisted painting for 3 months.

Color Painting

Stimulated by the firm goal, my skills improved quickly. Then I felt the picture could show her until almost 100 paintings. On my mother's birthday, after the music sounded, she blew out the candle, opened her eyes after making a wish. It is this beautiful portrait in front of her eyes. Her appearance, manner and beauty were all on it. Mother couldn't help herself, tears in her eyes, which became the moment that we could not forget in our life. We know this wonderful and happy moment is due to painting.

Hand-painted Coffee Cups

Painting is a special silent "language" with its internal logic and way of expression. Through lines, colors, figures, layout, it shows the painter's personality, temperament, cognitive, interest, psychological changes, emotion and so on. I like to use this "language" to express my feelings and my understanding of the world. When I am upset and depressed, I draw the broad sky and the singing birds. When I face difficulties, I draw stubborn weeds, swallows fighting in the wind and rain.

Clothing Design

Painting is an elegant art, which can calm me down and cultivate my personality. Although the road of painting is a way to overcome difficulties, it is colorful, wonderful. I believe that painting will accompany me with my life.

Still life Sketch