Playing football after the class with my classmates is my favorite hobby.
If I have time, I like riding the friendly pony.
Reading ten thousand books is like traveling ten thousand miles.

Finding the Beauty of the World by Camera

I like taking photos. I find the beautiful and surprised the world by camera. The world in the lens is so colorful and gorgeous.

Look, the insect on the lotus has such clear burrs. The tender green lotus canopy makes us feel the vitality of life and the harmony of nature.

This is a set of winter scenes I took. The Golden persimmon is hung on dry branches. Magpie stand on the branch, whose body show a beautiful radian. It is pecking sweet persimmons. The blue sky is the background. The colors of Black, yellow and blue form a harmonious scene.

It is partial solar eclipse. The soft sunlight contrasts with the dry and vigorous branches. Prospects and near-sights are correspondingly, which creates an artistic atmosphere that is difficult to express in language.

Whether in painting, calligraphy or photography, Chinese emphasizes "leaving blanks". White space is one of the most important ways of expression in traditional Chinese art. Blank space means part of space is left in the painting, leaving the space for the viewer to dream. The viewer can imagine what is in the blank space, and then enter the meaningful of picture. The blank space represents the Chinese traditional aesthetic idea and artistic expression, indicating the obvious national cultural characteristics. The aesthetic characteristic of Chinese painting is that the blank space makes the square inch of the land express the wide field. "Every place without painting is wonderful place." The blanks doesn’t mean nothing, but is anything. They can be fog, water, sky, snow, dust and clouds. The white space between the waterfall and the rocks can show the dynamic waterfall. On my picture the withered branch is "real", the willow branches are "virtual", withered branch is on the left, willow branches are on the right. The virtual and the real, the left and right, the far and near is complement each other.

Portrait Photography