It is the breakfast made by Elena. Breakfast is the simplest meal in China, usually just two pieces of bread, egg and a box of milk. Chinese student often have lunch at school. Then a big dinner at home. My grandma often cooks more four dishes for me.

Breakfast is wonderful in the United States. There are steak, fried chicken, baby carrots, lettuce, salad, mushrooms, sausage, baked beans, milk, juice. Yummy!

Fresh Juice

By the powerful juice extractor, I cook fresh juice myself every day. It is a mixed juice of papaya and cucumbers in the photo. The taste is very delicious.

Milky Tea

Look at milky tea in the cup. The cup is my favorite which I took from China. I boil water. Then putting a bag of red tea in the hot water and pour some mike, sugar in it.

I have lunch at school. It is buffet provided hamburgers, salad, pizza, French fries, sandwich, cola and so on. The school lunch is simple. And the lunch time is short, only half an hour. In China, we have nearly 1.5 hours of noon time.

I like hot dogs which often add ketchup, onion, mayonnaise and mustard.

“what we put in our mouths does become a part of us.” American food is also like melting pot or salad bowl. You can find almost every kind of ethnic food in American, such as Italian pizza, Mexican tacos and Chinese egg rolls.

What’s more, there are many delicious snacks and dessert in American, chocolate, biscuit, pudding, cake, pie, etc.

Chocolate cake, cream cake and chestnut cake.

The shape like artwork

Blueberry Pie

Elena always buy food for the whole week, milk, fruits, chicken, beef, banana. To my surprised, if we buy too much and the food turns bad, we can return to the supermarket and get half the cost.