I really like Cross Country. The lesson is after class every day. We go through the woods, cross the forest and run the hillside for two hours. When I was in China, I liked running very much. I ran on the playground for 1 hour every day. When I was running, I thought a lot of things happened day time at school. I liked the feeling the progress one step after step. I have thought I would be very good at Cross Country, because I am the fastest students in the class in China. But in the first class, I am frustrated. Although I kept running for 2 hours and didn't stop to walk, I was really exhausted. Cross Country is wonderful. I like the feeling, running one the earth, listening to birds, smelling the leaves and grass. Everything is so beautiful and comfortable. I enjoy standing on the top of the mountain, blowing the wind, looking far away. I believe that I can run quickly and be stronger after a period of training.