As a young man, we are full of ambition and energetic. Sometimes our goal is leave home, even going further and further from home. However, until I leave, I know the real meaning of family. It is just as the air and water that we have no sense of its existence, but know its value when we lose.

Family is vivid people. Family is my father, mother and grandma. I remember when I decided to go to the United States to study, my grandmother had been ill many times. I know the real reason that's I’ll leave. When my mother was pregnant, my grandmother has taken care of me. I am 15 years old, my grandmother live with us for 16 years. When I come back home every day, she always asks me what is happening at school. She cooks my favorite food, and is so satisfied that I eat out.

I love my grandma

My father is a kind and considerate man. He is a tough boss in the company, but he is so soft and patient to me at home. He is the best father in the world. In China, taking care of children and supervising studying is always mother's job, but the happiest thing of my father is to play soccer, swim, have the training class and discuss homework along with me.

Play chess together

My mother is outstanding and talented educator. She works very hard. She won the first prize Excellent Class Contest in China and does a lot of research on students, teachers, teaching methods. She published 5 books and more that 30 papers. When she was a young girl, she went to the United States to study. She looks very young and beautiful. What’s more, she is active, persistent, open-minded, and full of curiosity. I learn a lot from her. She respects me, and we can discuss the social events and individual things like friends equally.

Family is a place full of love and warmth. Family is the tasty food. Family is the harbor. Although this Sping Festival the whole family can’t have the big meal together, there is a deep and strong emotion of family in our heart, no matter where I am and how far I go. "Home" is a lamp that never extinguishes in my life.

Family taste – the Spring Festival Eve dinner

Life needs to embrace many challenges. As a young man, I am willing to go out to see more and learn more. Please believe me that I can take care of myself and study hard with your love and support.