I’ll leave Beijing where I lived for 14 years. I’ll leave my father and my mother who I have never separated more than two weeks. The longest time my parents and I didn’t see each other is 10 days when I went out to do some architecture research in summer vacation activities in Suzhou with my classmates.

I’ll go to the United States. I am a little bit nerves. I’ll come into new and different environment. Different country and language, new classmates, school and family. But I have already prepared to adapt to the new life.

By the time I decided study in American high school, I had already thought well. I make up this decision carefully, seriously and firmly. I know I am going to a distant country and live without my parents. I need to face culture shock. I would have a lot of difficulties. But this is the life I desire. I am eager to challenge myself. I am 15 years old. I am independent. I can figure out problems myself. I also hope for a better understanding multi-culture. I want to be in a new environment. I am happy to learn more and see more. It must be interesting and significant.